How Benistar Helps You Determine the Right Prescription Benefits

Prescription benefits with a personal touch

Medicare drug plans can seem unfair when you don’t feel that you are treated as an individual. If Medicare prescription drug solutions are passed out like an assembly line, then your plan would be the same as anyone else’s. What room does that leave for your specific requirements? Medicare drug plans require more than just a short list of needs. It requires a personal touch. That is why Benistar reaches each retiree where they stand. Everyone currently in or facing retirement requires the chance to be cared for in their own way. So to help explain how we avoid generalizing our medical and financial services, here is a sneak peak at how we customize our prescription drug plans.


The first step to finding the right drug health plan for you is by getting to know you. We hear both your medical and financial requirements. If you know exactly what you need, we work to fit you with a plan closest to those requirements. For instance, if you have a certain financial limit, we will work with you to make sure that you can stay within that limit.

Flexible affordability

But aside from finances, you still require certain prescription drugs. We do not just want to finance any pill. We like to hear about your doctor’s specific medical guidance, and then we can determine a personal drug health plan. But a drug health plan goes beyond financing the type of drug. It also involves the finances needed to maintain a regular dosage. This often means maintaining a flexible plan since our bodies change over time. If your body adapts to the drug, you will likely need a different regimen from your doctor. And at Benistar, we are always open to that possibility.

A perfect match

The goal of Benistar is to grant you the retirement plan that you deserve. But retirement is about so much more than just giving someone a prescription and financial plan. It is about matching the medical and financial benefits with that specific person’s life. For more information on our Medicare drug plans, please feel free to contact Benistar today. We are here for you to live free and healthy.

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