Top 4 Advantages of having an EGWP Plan

If you are just now looking into retiree prescription drug benefits, you will likely find that there is this offer referred to as an EGWP. This stands for Employer Group Waiver Plan. An EGWP is meant for those who are under Medicare Part D. The EGWP contains many possibilities for retirees, which is why it is of extreme importance to us at Benistar. Here are just some of the valuable benefits that come with this health plan.

Fully Insured

Being fully insured is more than just trusting a company. With Benistar, we allow you to cap your retiree health liability with a highly insured plan. That’s right, we provide you the best possible deal for moving forward.

Customized plans

But we do not give you any generic health plan. We also allow you to pick a customized plan meant just for you. This means that you can allow yourself to rely on more than just a standard plan. You can still go with a standard plan if you wish. However, if standard conditions do not fit with your life, then we are here to negotiate for an ideally customized plan.

Nationwide Plan availability

Don’t you hate it when you get so excited about a new plan, but find that it is only available in a couple of states? What happens if you need to rely on another state’s plan? Your conditions still haven’t changed at all. Having nationwide plan availability gives you a new reason to rest easy. No matter where you go, you can feel secure having plan availability.

Fills the Medicare Donut hole

Unfortunately, there is a problem with certain Medicare Part D drug coverage plans. This problem is often called the “donut hole”. It is a coverage gap that makes you pay for your prescriptions after a certain limit is spent with your drug plan. This is often a big problem, especially for those who cannot afford the costs. But here at Benistar, we get rid of that donut hole. Like our other benefits, we allow you to rest easy knowing that your prescription health plan is right for you.

Further possibilities

There are many other benefits that come with choosing an EGWP plan for Medicare Part D. We offer flat-copays, no annual plan maximum, and even a 50% brand name drug discount when choosing a non-Part D wrap product.

There are several retirees settling for less-than-ideal prescription drug plans. The reason why they do this is because that they feel like they have no other options. But at Benistar, we want your best option to be your personal ideal. For any more questions regarding our prescription drug benefits, please contact Benistar here. Your prescription drug coverage should not have to be something that keeps you from enjoying retirement.

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